Sempo Docs
Payment Schedule Advice
This is payment advice for vendors of cash transfer programs.
Thank you for participating in this project that seeks to support your community! Through this economic aid and your participation, we support families so that they can have access to varied and quality food, and improve the nutrition of their homes.
Where will you deposit the money from my sales?
The money accumulated from your sales will be deposited in the bank account you nominated.
How do I know that my money will actually reach my account?
One week before starting the project, we will do a test transfer to make sure the bank details are correct.
How often will my sales money be deposited?
If you are a vendor in Venezuela, your money will be deposited two times a week (on Mondays and Thursdays).
If you are a vendor in PNG or Vanuatu, your money will be deposited once a week.
How do I know how much will be deposited?
The Sempo payment system will withdraw the accumulated sales from your mobile phone Sempo account and send it to the bank. You can check your balance on your mobile phone and know how much you will be paid on each payday.
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