Sempo Docs

Understand your preferred beneficiary data collection process

Review and understand what information you need to collect on your beneficiaries

If you are going to be providing beneficiaries with the ability to "cash out" into local fiat currency, then Sempo or your organisation may need to undertake "Know Your Customer" KYC checks. Please review Sempo's guide on KYC checks.
In addition, you may want to collect information for tracking and analytics purposes on beneficiaries, such as:
  • Age group
  • Reason for vulnerability (e.g. widow/widower, disability)
  • Residential location
When your organisation has confirmed what is important for you to collect and analyse, please tell Sempo! We can show you how to use our Analytics Dashboard to report on what is important to you.

Agree with Sempo on your ideal data collection mechanism (e.g. a form, or KoboToolbox Survey) and process for uploading data to the Dashboard

Sempo can enable registration of participants in four ways (see Registering Participants of your Program).
Importantly, Sempo can receive any CSV or Excel Spreadsheet you provide (e.g. from KoboToolbox, Commcare etc), and help you upload it to the Sempo Platform.
If you are unsure about how best to collect data and share it with Sempo, please ask us at [email protected] for help.