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Add cards to your Platform

Sometimes you will have purchased cards (e.g. emergency stock) before you knew what instance of a Sempo Platform you wanted to add them to. This page explains how to add these cards to a Sempo Platform.
Before a beneficiary of your program can use a contactless card, you will need to:
  1. 1.
    Make sure it is added to your organisation's "instance" of the Sempo Platform being used for your program; and
  2. 2.
    Add the card to that beneficiary's account on the Sempo Platform (see "Set up your preferred process for adding a card to a beneficiary account").
This page explains how to (1) Add a card to the relevant instance of the Sempo Platform. (For (2) Adding cards to a beneficiary's account, see our beneficiary registration and training guide).
To add cards, you'll need a phone with an NFC scanner in it - just like the ones vendors will use.

Logging into the Sync App

Sempo's Card Sync App is an easy way to add a card to the platform. It's actually hidden inside the regular Sempo Mobile App, but requires a special login process to use.
First, log into the Sempo Dashboard, and navigate to the Settings page. Then, click on the QR Code icon in the "Plugin/Integration Credentials" section. A QR code that can be used to login will appear:
A photo of the Sempo Authentication QR Code on the dashboard
Now, login to Sempo's Mobile App using any account. Then, navigate to settings, and press the "Sync" option near the bottom of the screen. A QR code scanner will appear. Point this at the QR code showing on the dashboard. After a few seconds, the words "Logged In" should appear in the top left corner of the screen. You're now ready to start adding cards!
A photo of the Sempo Authentication QR Code being scanned by a phone

Adding a touch-to-pay card

First, point the QR Code Scanner of the Sync App at the QR Code on the back of a Sempo Touch-to-Pay card. The Card's Public Serial Number will appear on the screen.
A photo of the Sempo Touch-to-Pay Card QR Code being scanned by a phone
Next, touch the card to the NFC scanner on your phone (normally at the back). Now the NFC ID will appear on the screen as well.
A photo of the Sempo Touch-to-Pay Card NFC-chip being scanned by a phone
Once this is done, simply click "Send" to add the card, and your card will be added!