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Viewing, filtering and editing participant accounts

This page outlines how to view and filter views of participants (beneficiaries and vendors) on the Sempo platform.

Viewing the accounts page

Once you have enrolled vendors and beneficiaries into your program, the accounts page should look something like this.
Accounts page
Key features of this page are:
  • You can select beneficiaries or vendors (or both)
  • You can search for names
  • You can see when accounts were created, and how much remaining balance is left
  • You can add new user accounts
Note: Vendor and beneficiary pages look virtually the same, but may include some different information (such as store name).


From the accounts page, you are able to filter your searches, by selecting
from the top right hand corner, alongside the search bar. From here, you are able to select the required attributes.

Viewing specific accounts

From the accounts page, you can click in the row of a participant, to be taken to the specific accounts page for that participant. From this page you can:
  • Add/edit user information
  • View specific transaction history
  • Perform a new transfer
You can register multiple users (e.g. family members, cashiers) under one account, if preferred.

Disabling Transfer Cards

From the user page, you can disable a transfer card.
Warning: A card that has been disabled cannot be re-enabled.
  1. 1.
    Click the "Disable Card" icon
2. Click "OK". Note you cannot reenable a card.