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Transfer types
This page explains the different types of transfers that you may see on the Sempo Dashboard and transfer page.

What are the different types of transfers?

    Payment - a transfer between beneficiary and vendor, or vendor to vendor
    Disbursement - a transfer between NGO/Sempo and a beneficiary
    Reclamation - a transfer when NGO/Sempo takes back or “reclaims” value from a beneficiary or vendor, because too much money has been incorrectly disbursed to them. (While this isn’t technically a reversal of a transfer, it delivers the same effect.)
    Withdrawal - a withdrawal of funds from a vendor, occuring at the same time as a transfer from a third party to the vendor, which will enable the vendor to “cash out” their credits into their preferred/local currency
    Exchange - an exchange between two types of currencies

What's the difference in purposes between a reclamation and withdrawal?

    Reclamation - The purpose of a reclamation is to correct a mistake. It is what the NGO will do to “reclaim” value from a beneficiary or vendor (e.g. because money has been incorrectly disbursed to them).
    Withdrawal - The purpose of a withdrawal is to enable vendors to withdraw or “cash out”, and receive cash in exchange for their credits
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